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The very first jingle written and produced by Banner Kidd, in 1989, was through a radio station. It was used to secure a long term commitment from the client. Since then the greater part of the work of Broadcast my Brand has been with Radio and TV stations around the country, along with our work with established advertising agencies. We function as the creative arm of the production department of radio stations, supplying creative ideas for branding that are able to be used in every aspect of a client’s advertising efforts, from broadcast to web and to print. And we provide a powerful tool in the arsenal of the successful advertising executive.

In short, our team can make you, as a radio or TV advertising executive, the go to for all advertising questions and direction for your client. When you have the resources, who else will they go to? Only you!

If you really want to work smarter, not harder, and if you want to solidify yourself and as an advertising/branding pro to y0ur clients, we can help. Contact us today!

Our team is in process for a jingle for the Clinton County, Indiana trustee. This is the first time we’ve written a jingle for a trustee’s office. Very excited about it. It’s another example that any service or any product can benefit from powerful branding music.

Also working on a jingle for Reed Auto in Kansas City. This is the second jingle project for Reed, through my good friend Kevin Koster, of Skopos Ad Agency.

We are finishing up a jingle for Young Electric in Portland, Oregon, through Dean Gustafsen at KPTV. Dean is a great TV ad exec who recognizes the power for musical branding and brings this great tool to his clientele.

That’s the latest from Broadcast my Brand. Thanks!